They Can’t All be Sailing Days

One of my biggest personal challenges during this long slog to the cruising life is remembering that even though the dream of our family’s future life is ever-present in my mind (seriously… it’s always in the back of my mind… except when it’s in the front), we also have to make the most of the present.

With that in mind, I was pretty excited when Candace informed my that her dad and his wife would be in town (well, in Washougal, WA… close enough) for the Lucas Oil Motocross Nationals.  He drives one of the trucks that hauls all the cameras and equipment all over the country for televising sporting events.

We don’t know the first thing about motocross racing, but we’re avid MotoGP fans, so this sounded like a pretty good time for all.  (As a side note, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that before sailing, motorcycling was my biggest passion.  We still have a bike, though we don’t ride it very much anymore… one can only have so many hobbies.  One of my cross-hobby fantasies would be to someday sail through the Mediterranean and attend a few MotoGP events in Spain, France and Italy along the way… if your gonna dream, right?)

Well, the motocross event far exceeded our expectations.  It’s no MotoGP at Laguna Seca, but at the same time, MotoGP has nothing on a little 450cc dirt bike flying 50 feet through the air… and it only took us 30 minutes to drive there.

I’m trying to get better with my videography and have finally invested some time into learning to piece together clips and music into a cohesive video, so rather than trying to describe the day, have a look at our little video.

And of course, a huge thanks to Pap and Sherry for making it possible!

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