Pick Your Inspiration

There’s a new documentary making its way through the sailing community called Chasing Bubbles (watch it for free on YouTube).  The appeal to sailors is obvious as it tells the story of a young guy who embraces an early departure from the typical American career path, to buy a cheap boat in the Caribbean and set off to sail around the world.

One of the cruising bloggers I follow (Zero to Cruising) noted this morning that they were about to put a pot of coffee on and indulge in a bit of Sunday Morning Inspiration.  Candace and I watched it on Friday evening after putting the kids to bed.  To be sure, we found it to be a very inspiring story, but not necessarily for the idea of sailing away (though that bit of inspiration is there if that’s what you’re looking for).  Instead, we found inspiration to try to be more sociable.

To put it mildly, a social butterfly I am not.  Candace, though nowhere near the end of the introversion spectrum where I live, is also socially reserved.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with our tendency to keep to ourselves, except that as we continue our long preparations to transition to the cruising life, we recognize that to be “successful” cruisers, especially for our kids’ wellbeing, we must step out of our social comfort zone and actively seek out and engage with other cruising families.

Herein lies the inspiration we found in the story of Alex Rust.  Yes, it’s a very cool sailing movie (albeit a demonstration of reckless seamanship in the worst ways), but much more importantly it’s a story of a guy overflowing with charisma.  Now as a middle-aged family guy, I harbor no fantasies of transforming myself into the life of the party, but it does help to be reminded sometimes that there are lots of friendly and welcoming people out there, especially in the cruising community, and it doesn’t take much to open yourself up to them and to even be one of them… maybe a bit more smiling will help.

Thanks for the inspiration, Alex.

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